Mexico Update

Mexico Update

October 2019

Mexico Update

October 2019

We are happy to report that the boys are THRIVING! They are making great strides in group and personal therapy.

They love the outdoors, playing soccer, enjoying there new bikes and most importantly living without fear!

We have a total of 6 boys in our Mexico boys home ages ranging from 6-14 years old. Below are 2 of the new rescues stories that have come in from our home director.

Francisco - Age 12

At age 12, Francisco remembers very little of his childhood. Abused and neglected from birth, his mother is in jail and his father is nowhere to be found.

Abandoned and alone, Francisco has been left to fend for himself—an easy target for sex traffickers who prey on children left unprotected by their parents.

Having never experienced the warmth and love of a family, he arrived at our restoration home with no memory of his birthday or what it’s even like to celebrate life.

Carter - Age 8

At age 8, Carter's memories of childhood are very few and faded, except for one: “My parents don’t love me.”

Abandoned at just 2 years old, he and his sister were left to become child victims of sex traffickers until social services stepped in and placed them in our restoration home, where Carter is always looking for ways to help out. He loves to help make dinner and even offers to do extra chores!

At this point, our full-time child trauma therapist is still learning more and more about the terror that little Carter had to endure. The terrifying details of abuse and neglect sometimes take time to share as we build trust that opens the door to broken souls.


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