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Every year, the U.S. State Department releases a Trafficking in Persons Report which ranks countries in three tiers, 1 being themes compliant with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and 3 being the least. The U.S. State Department has ranked Thailand a Tier 3 country.

In impoverished northeastern villages, girls and boys are provided education through government funding. When girls turn 14, this funding is not covered and these girls are not able to continue with their education. In these communities, parents can’t afford to pay for their daughters to go to school so they are forced into prostitution to support their families in Bangkok and Pattaya City. This is common practice. Their mothers, sisters, and aunts before them have all done this. They oftentimes end up in brothels, massage parlors, bars, and karaoke lounges. Thai brothels are known for their slave like conditions where the girls are exposed to AIDS and drugged and beaten.

In partnership with an amazing organization, we help support girls with continued education and change the outlook of their lives dramatically. Through sponsorship, these girls will receive all the education they would get in high school plus they will be enrolled in trade school where they will learn a trade which they will become an apprentice for, leading to employment. Some trades would include health care, gem-cutting, fashion design, or computers. We provide education for these girls until they receive suitable employment.

There are a line of girls waiting! Your sponsorship will save these girls from entering the sex slave industry and break the cycle. They will be the first in their families to do this! $50 a month contributes towards books, transportation, meals, trade school enrollment, and mentorship.



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