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You can become a Rescue1 Ambassador today! An ambassador is someone who has a heart to expand the outreach of Rescue1 to see more children rescued and cared for. As an ambassador you can spread the mission of Rescue1 in your spheres of influence. You can share with friends, family and co-workers. You can also participate in and create your own Rescue1 social media campaign.

As an Ambassador you would commit to raising 5 other child sponsors besides yourself or raise a total of $3,000 through a social fundraising campaign.

Ambassadors are the feet to Rescue1! You can mobilize your sphere of influence today and make a huge impact! Multiply the heart you have to rescue children out of sex-trafficking by not only giving, but mobilizing others.

Requirements for Rescue1 Ambassadors:

• Sponsor a child for $50 a month

• Share about Rescue1 with others

• Utilize your social media to share about Rescue1, such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

• Share with friends & family

• Raise up 5 other sponsors or a total of $3,000 through a fundraising campaign

Once you reach your goal of raising $3,000 or 5 sponsors, you will be awarded an Ambassador certificate for helping rescue sex-trafficked & abandoned children with Rescue1.

Yes! I want to become a Rescue1 Ambassador and start a social media campaign.

If you would like to help us increase the impact of Rescue1 by being an Ambassador, please call 631-696-4950 to let us know or email us at


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