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Our Rescue1 children that we support have been rescued out of some horrific situations. Some from brothels, others from kidnappers, some from the streets, others from trafficking and pornography rings. Their stories are stories of hope and redemption. Their lives are being transformed because of our sponsors and donors. We could never do it without you. These children are YOUR children. Your sponsorship is an active expression of God's love for them. God has reached down into the darkest places and rescued them out...because of YOU. Read about the lives Rescue1 has helped to save and transform.


    Alma suffered sexual abuse from her stepfather, who brought her mother and Alma to live with him with the promise that he would give them a better future. When she arrived at her new home, everything changed. Her mother abused her verbally and physically. Her stepfather also verbally insulted her and sexually abused her, forcing her to dance with him in an inappropriate ways. Thanks to a complaint, she was rescued and is now living in the safe house we help support. Today Alma is in high school, is treated with much love and receives attention from the interdisciplinary team in different areas. She likes to study and read a lot and wants to be a psychologist so she can help children overcome their traumas.


    Amelia was abandoned by her biological parents. She was raised by her paternal grandmother since her father was a drug addict and her mother a prostitute. When her grandmother died, she went to live with her uncles who forced her to sell drugs and steal. She did not attend school and was constantly beaten. She spent more time on the street than at her uncle's house for fear of being beaten every time they saw her. She watched over by her cousins who took the money she earned daily. Thanks to the complaint of a family member, she was rescued and is now living in the safe house we help support. She is receiving education, medical and psychological care. She has also been supported legally as she had no registration or identity. Today Amelia has her papers and wants to study graphic design. She is very talented and creative. She loves exercising and is waiting for her high school diploma to apply to a university.


    Angelito experienced many deprivations since he was born, where neither of his parents were responsible for his education and food. The only one who cared about him was his older brother. They beat him mercilessly with any object. He never spoke, never complained and just watched time go by. Nowadays, Angelito has difficulty speaking and has a huge educational gap, since he did not go to school because his mother used drugs all day. He continues to strive to be better every day, facing his fears and difficulties. He has a great goal in life and that is to one day become an amazing engineer. He likes robotics, animals and exercising. He is a very happy child despite what he has experienced.


    Bella is a teenager who suffered sexual abuse from a very young age. Her alcoholic biological mother exposed her to a life of misery and rape. She abandoned her mom’s care and started living with her maternal grandmother who was also had vices. They lived in a dirty abandoned house. She did not attend school and was also exposed to alcohol and drugs by her grandmother. Her grandmother allowed men to enter the house for parties in exchange for bringing her alcohol. They sexually abused Bella. She was rescued thanks to a school friend who took her with her family and made the corresponding complaint to the authorities. She is now living in the safe house we help support and is welcomed with much love. She has been receiving psychological, medical, and educational attention. She is grateful to be safe. When she grows up, she wants to be a police officer or a soldier to bring justice to children who have suffered from abuse.


    Carol and her brother were abandoned by their mother when they were little. They were living with their paternal grandmother where she was sexually abused by her paternal uncle when she was just 7 years old. She went to live with her father and stepmother, where she was abused by her own father. Thanks to a complaint she was rescued. She is a girl with many marks from her past, full of anger and resentment for what she experienced, however, she does not lose hope for a better future. Carol fights every day to move on and be a better person. She is in high school, she likes to spend her time putting together puzzles and helping people.


    Cora is a very talented girl. She was exposed to a life of deprivation, sexual, emotional and physical abuse at a very young age. She was abandoned and lived with her maternal uncles with her 5 siblings. They were scorned, poorly fed, and they did not attend school. They begged for money in the streets to survive. She was rescued thanks to a complaint from a neighbor who realized that the children were totally abandoned. Upon entering the safe house we help support, she received psychological and medical attention, school regularization, and art therapy classes. She is developing a great talent in painting and photography. Her dream is to become a photographer and painter, where she will be recognized throughout the world and through her art to express the need to rescue children who are still in captivity.


    Emma is a young girl whose childhood rights were violated since she was 4 years old. She was exposed to dangerous situations, fed from garbage cans, beaten and mistreated. She was rescued at the age of 8 thanks to an anonymous complaint from a neighbor who stated that there were three sisters with very severe malnutrition who did not attend school and spent all day locked up. The authorities rescued her and she entered the hospital with her sisters. She came to live at the safe house we help support and is receiving medical, psychological and educational attention. She is currently 14 years old and is very talented in art. She paints beautiful paintings where she captures what she feels and when she grows up she wants to be an artist.


    From a very young age, Jason suffered neglect from his own parents. They did not care if he ate or went to school. He was abused with different objects causing serious injuries that caused scars on his body. He was sexually abused on different occasions. He lived in a dirty wooden room, without eating during the day, watching men come and go because they were taking drugs with his mom. As a result of everything he had experienced, Jason fell into severe depression and had no desire to live. Thanks to a neighbor's complaint, they were able to rescue him and his brother, and now they are living at the safe house we help support. He is treated with dignity, love and respect. He wants to continue studying to become an architect and support his younger brother. He likes to put together puzzles and legos.


    Laura is a young girl who was sexually abused by her stepfather and different men from a very early age. She lived with her biological mother who was a drug addict and exposed her daughters to the worst atrocities in order to receive money. Laura didn’t eat, sleep, or attend school. She was locked up all day in a filthy room under the worst conditions. Thanks to an anonymous complaint from a neighbor, she was rescued together with her two sisters and now living in the safe house we help support. She immediately received medical attention and was diagnosed with a heart murmur and a denture that required specialized treatment. Today she is 17 years old. When she grows up she wants to study interior design and that the houses she designs will be of harmony and happiness.


    Lily is a teenager full of life and with many desires to better herself. When she was young she was sexually abused by a neighbor. Her parents were very humble and uneducated people and they could not provide her with a dignified life. They abandoned her, as well as her 2 brothers. Once they were in the street, she was exposed to drugs, sexual abuse, beatings and mistreatment. She was rescued thanks to police officers and admitted to a group home where she received physical abuse. A year later she escaped and became a victim of sexual abuse. After 6 months on the street she asked for support from a police station who contacted us to be able to offer her protection and security. She is currently receiving medical attention since she was stabbed in her right eye and is not living in the safe house we help support. She is in academic regularization classes, receives psychological care and legal follow-up derived from the attack she received. Her future goal is to become a teacher and support many children in their education so that they don't have to go through the same thing that she experienced.


    When Maria was 5 years old, her father left her in the care of her uncles. Her aunt's husband started sexually abusing her from the age of 5. He brought other men over to his house to abuse her. When her father found out, he took her to live with him and the father also continued to abuse her and also brought other men to abuse her. He continually locked her up so she wouldn't talk to other people about what was going on at home and didn't allow her to go to school. It was not until she was 16 years old that she realized that her life was not like that of her classmates and she asked one of them for help. When her teacher found out, she was rescued. Maria achieved her dream of finishing her business studies and wants to take an intensive English course. She is currently living at our transition home.


    Susan, at the age of 13, was sold by her own mother who used drugs, to a man much older than her. The man manipulated her with expensive gifts. The trafficker (Susan's mother) received money and gifts for taking her daughter to the man so that he would sexually abuse her. The manipulation towards Susan was so strong that she did not distinguish what she was experiencing. She is now living in the safe house we help support and is recognized as a survivor, receives psychological care and healthy love. She likes to draw, dance, learn and would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up to help little animals that are mistreated and abused.


    Mihika’s mother lives as a prostitute and wanted to make money by selling her. Mihika was rescued while she was being sold out in an auction and moved her into our rescue home.


    Mishti’s father passed away when she was little. Her mother started to live as a prostitute and many men tried to abuse Mishti when they came to sleep with her mother. She attended our outreaches in the slums and we rescued her and moved her into our home.


    Sagar was an orphan who was living with a family and working as a child laborer. He had to carry bricks all day long. His hands were rock hard and bleeding when we found him during our outreach. We rescued him and moved him into our home.


    Sasha was beaten by her parents and forced to get married to a 70 year old Arab man. She ran away from home and was living in a bus shelter and begging people for help. Our rescue team found her and moved her into our rescue home.


    Sharad was an orphan who was working as a helper in a welding shop. He could no longer work there when his eyes were badly injured on the job and he became sick. He attended one of our slum outreaches and when we learned about his story, we moved him into our home.


    Anaya was kidnapped when she was 8 years old and sold out to brothels. She was forced to go with 15 to 20 men every day. She was very young and at times would refuse to co-operate. Because of this she would be severely beaten. As she continued to resist, they broke her legs as punishment. She was kept without food and was not given any medical attention. Her leg became infected and by the time she was taken to the hospital her leg had to be amputated. After her amputation, she was thrown away and left on the streets. A pastor who is a part of our Rescue1 network and team was visiting the hospital and came to learn of her situation. She was rescued and brought into our Rescue1 home where she is now loved, accepted, and safe.


    Mitali was born in a family where her and her mother used to make money by nude dancing in villages. One night they were attacked by a gang and her and her mother were brutally raped. Mitali's mother was killed, but she escaped death. She was mentally and emotionally wounded. She was rescued and taken to live in our Rescue1 home. Since then she's been counseled, prayed for, and shown the truth of how God sees her.


    Ruhi lost his mother when he was 2 years old and his father was an alcoholic. He didn't take proper care of him. He used to make Ruhi beg on the streets and would buy alcohol with the money. One day, Ruhi’s father left him on the street and never returned. Ruhi was found and saved by our Rescue1 team and is now safe and cared for.


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