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Our Rescue1 children that we support have been rescued out of some horrific situations. Some from brothels, others from kidnappers, some from the streets, others from trafficking and pornography rings. Their stories are stories of hope and redemption. Their lives are being transformed because of our sponsors and donors. We could never do it without you. These children are YOUR children. Your sponsorship is an active expression of God's love for them. God has reached down into the darkest places and rescued them out...because of YOU. Read about the lives Rescue1 has helped to save and transform.

    Davey - Mexico

    Davey, only 9 years old, was sold for sex ever since he was 3 years old. He was sold to both males and females. He was often sold multiple times a day, raped, and used for explicit child pornography. His own mother was his primary trafficker and manipulated him into believing that he would go to jail or be killed if he tried to leave.

    Davey’s two older sisters had already been rescued and were living in our Courage Home but had been manipulated as well and were afraid to speak up about Davey, not wanting to risk the life of their brother. One sister, however, found her courage and spoke up about Davey. Davey thought he was going to be trapped forever but the bravery of his siblings changed that.

    Our team worked with authorities to track down Davey, rescue him from his torture, and offer him a home. Now Davey is living in our home and happily reunited with his sisters. He is provided the food, education, and safety he deserves so that he can be a kid again.

    Lucas - Mexico

    Lucas, 7, has endured unimaginable terror and pain. Alongside his younger brother, Lucas was sold for sex while living in animal-like conditions. His father and grandmother both physically abused him and his grandmother manipulated him and sold him for sex.

    Lucas thought that he was stuck in a vicious cycle of sexual abuse. His hope was shrinking and he felt so alone.

    When we found out about the Lucas, we worked with local authorities to locate him and helped him escape his torture. He came to our home and now lives in freedom and safety. Lucas was so behind in his learning that he couldn’t even write his own name but now he’s learning to read and write! Already, from our education program, he is able to identify letters and numbers. Lucas is happy to be in safety alongside his brother and is well on his way to a full recovery!

    Mateo - Mexico

    Mateo, who is 6 years old, was trafficked alongside his 7-year-old brother, Lucas. They were living in terrible conditions and being treated like animals. Mateo’s own grandmother sold him for sex to her boyfriend, who raped him and his brother many times.

    Mateo felt trapped in a cycle of torture and pain. He almost lost hope and were left wondering if anyone out there cared about them.

    Thankfully, our teams discovered Mateo and intervened, rescuing him out of his torture. He’s now living in our restoration home where he’s receiving medical care, individualized education, and safety. When he first came into our home, Mateo was behind in his schooling. Now, just weeks later, he can read full sentences! He is well on his way to a full recovery.

    Bharathi - India

    Bharathi’s mother lives as a prostitute and wanted to make money by selling her. Bharathi was rescued while she was being sold out in an auction and moved her into our rescue home.

    Deepthi - India

    Deepthi’s father passed away when she was little. Her mother started to live as a prostitute and many men tried to abuse Deepthi when they came to sleep with her mother. She attended our outreaches in the slums and we rescued her and moved her into our home.

    Mani - India

    Mani was an orphan who was living with a family and working as a child laborer. He had to carry bricks all day long. His hands were rock hard and bleeding when we found him during our outreach. We rescued him and moved him into our home.

    Salma - India

    Salma was beaten by her parents and forced to get married to a 70 year old Arab man. She ran away from home and was living in a bus shelter and begging people for help. Our rescue team found her and moved her into our rescue home.

    Sampath Kumar - India

    Sampath Kumar was an orphan who was working as a helper in a welding shop. He could no longer work there when his eyes were badly injured on the job and he became sick. He attended one of our slum outreaches and when we learned about his story, we moved him into our home.

    Enosh - India

    Enosh lost his mother when he was 2 years old and his father was an alcoholic. He didn't take proper care of him. He used to make Enosh beg on the streets and would buy alcohol with the money. One day, Enosh’s father left him on the street and never returned. Enosh was found and saved by our Rescue1 team and is now safe and cared for.

    Nirmala - India

    Nirmala was born in a family where her and her mother used to make money by nude dancing in villages. One night they were attacked by a gang and her and her mother were brutally raped. Nirmala's mother was killed, but she escaped death. She was mentally and emotionally wounded. She was rescued and taken to live in our Rescue1 home. Since then she's been counseled, prayed for, and shown the truth of how God sees her.

    Pavani - India

    Pavani was kidnapped when she was 8 years old and sold out to brothels. She was forced to go with 15 to 20 men every day. She was very young and at times would refuse to co-operate. Because of this she would be severely beaten. As she continued to resist, they broke her legs as punishment. She was kept without food and was not given any medical attention. Her leg became infected and by the time she was taken to the hospital her leg had to be amputated. After her amputation, she was thrown away and left on the streets. A pastor who is a part of our Rescue1 network and team was visiting the hospital and came to learn of her situation. She was rescued and brought into our Rescue1 home where she is now loved, accepted, and safe.


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