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Rescue1 partners together with other rescue ministries, as well as with our own team to rescue sex-trafficked and abandoned children in the darkest places of the world. Rescue1 not only gives to feed hungry children, but gives to provide full care support to those children who have suffered the trauma of sex-trafficking.

Rescue1 The Mission

Our mission is simple and clear: to support teams we are in relationship with to go to the darkest places of the earth and rescue children from the horrors of sex-trafficking.

Rescue1 supports those that are going to the hardest places on the planet, reaching into both Christian and non-Christian regions.

Rescue1 is not just about feeding the poor. It's about rescuing children from the horrors of sex-trafficking and abandonment and restoring their lives. 1.8 million children are trafficked each year world-wide!

Our Goal is 1,500 Rescued Children saved and cared for!

What Makes Rescue1 Unique?

  • Rescue1 supports the FULL CARE of a child. Most humanitarian aid organizations supply food for children living in impoverished areas of the world. Not only do we give to supply food, but also housing, clothing, education, medical care, and counseling programs. Our outreach care is comprehensive and holistic in nature.

  • Rescue1 partners with ministries and teams rescuing and caring for children enslaved in sex-trafficking. After a child is rescued, they are brought into safe housing and 100% provided for.

  • Many relief organizations feed children that already have a home and existing family. Rescue1 cares for those children that have NO family at all OR they are rescued from abusive families who have sold them into trafficking. That includes children living homeless on the street and those kidnapped and enslaved in brothels.

  • Most relief organizations function in Christianized nations where it is easier to build. Rescue1 operates in nations that have been Christianized, as well as in those nations that have a small percentage of Christians, including India. We go to the darkest areas to bring God’s light, love and restoration.

  • Rescue1 is a Christian missions outreach under Matt Sorger Ministries based on biblical values. The children we support are not only rescued from severe trauma, but they are given the faith, hope and love that only comes through relationship with God. They are given the opportunity to find Jesus Christ as their Savior.


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