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Rescue1 partners together with other rescue ministries, as well as with our own team to rescue sex-trafficked and abandoned children in the darkest places of the world. Rescue1 not only gives to feed hungry children, but gives to provide full care support to those children who have suffered the trauma of sex-trafficking.

Rescue1 History


In 2004 Matt Sorger was visiting the nation of India. On this trip he witnessed first hand the abuse of children on the street. Not only did he see orphaned children being taken advantage of by "handlers" who used them to beg and make money, but he also saw young children offering themselves sexually. In that moment he made a decision to help these voiceless, defenseless children.

Through the contributions of generous donors Matt was able to secure the purchasing of land and in partnership with friends in India, build his first girl's home rescuing young girls off the street in Southern India. This home houses up to 50 children.

165 children were rescued from abandonment, sex-trafficking, brothels & temple prostitution in India.

After Matt & Stephanie Sorger married in 2014 together they launched Rescue1 as a missions outreach under Matt Sorger Ministries and began to greatly expand their rescue work. Together with a team of dedicated men and women in southern India, 165 additional children were rescued from abandonment, sex-trafficking, brothels & temple prostitution. Through our Rescue1 sponsors these children are provided with a safe home, food, clothing, medical care and education. Each child is cared for until they finish school and are securely grounded.

Rescue1 is growing and expanding every day! In 2017 Rescue1 expanded its reach to also include the Philippines. Rescue1 partnered with another relief organization to provide additonal support for children that were rescued. Rescue1 provided the needed funds for safe housing, food, clothing, medical care, counseling and vocational training. Rescue1 is all about not only rescuing children, but keeping them safe afterwards!

In 2018, we teamed up with organizations working in Mexico to help provide full care support for children who have been rescued there and participated in the building and launch of the first licensed home for boys rescued from sex slavery in Mexico!

In 2019, we partnered with another organization to provide girls in Thailand with continued education after they turn 14 to change the outlook of their lives dramatically and prevent them from entering the sex trafficking world.

The need for greater rescue efforts is endless. But we believe each one can rescue one. We don't just complain about the evil of sex-trafficking and modern day slavery. We are proactive in stopping it and bringing life, healing & hope to those who have been abused & traumatized by it.

You can join this movement today and contribute towards the care of a rescued child and see them healed from the trauma of sex-trafficking and exploitation.


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