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The Mission

In the Philippines, Rescue1 is a sponsorship program that cares for children that have been rescued out of horrific sex-trafficking situations.

The Philippines Sex-Trafficking circles are dark and extremely dangerous. Your sponsorship for children from this region are rescuing them from pornography rings and forced prostitution.

The Problem

There is an estimated 475,000 women and girls in the sex trade in the Philippines today. It has been rated a Tier 1 watchlist nation for human trafficking by the US State Department, two steps above the Tier 3 rating for countries with the worst human trafficking records.

Child Trafficking in the Philippines: The UN estimates 100,000 children in the Philippines are trafficked into the sex trade each year.

Human-trafficking is the third most profitable business in the world, worth about $32 billion annually. 40% of men who travel to the Philippines do so for sex tourism.

Philippines Social Welfare Department: the annual increase of prostituted children is 3,266.

Philippines ranks fourth highest number of prostituted children.

The Solution

Rescue1 has teamed up with organizations on the ground to provide monthly sponsors for children that are being rescued. We work in partnership with Unlikely Heroes, an organization rescuing sex-trafficked children and young girls in the Philippines. The children in our care range from 5-21 years old. The home is a full care facility providing housing, safety, food, medical care, education, and therapy.

The situations these young girls are rescued out of are dangerous! Some escape with the help of police rescuing them out of brothels where they have been held captive. Others are able to escape on their own. Some have been forced into pornography as well! The trauma is deep and severe.

Not only are our children relocated and kept safe in our Rescue1 home in Mindanao, but they also receive excellent counceling to help them recover from the trauma they have experienced. Some girls are even able to be reunited with families they were taken from. But for those that don't have families to go back to, they live under our care. And our SPONSORS make that happen.



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